Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio 1.6.1

Travel to Brazil in the latest Angry Birds adventure


  • Colorful graphics with a cinematic feel
  • Addictive, challenging gameplay
  • Lots of levels


  • No innovative changes from the first game


Angry Birds Rio is a brand new adventure from the creator of one of the most popular mobile games of recent years.

Now its here on Mac with the same story is based on the motion picture, Angry Birds Rio. The original Angry Birds have been kidnapped (or should that be 'bird-napped'?) and dragged off to Rio de Janeiro. There are 60 levels in Angry Birds Rio, set across two different episodes. The developer tells us we can look forward to more new episodes being added throughout 2011.

One of the objects of Angry Birds Rio is to set the rare exotic birds free by catapulting the Angry Birds at the intricate structures and cages they've been imprisoned in. You will also be asked to squash chattering monkeys by flinging your birds at them, which is great fun.

Angry Birds Rio looks even better than the original game. The graphics are much more vibrant and have a certain cinematic feel to them. The squawking sound effects are excellent as well, although we missed the cute grunts of the famous green pigs.

In terms of gameplay, Angry Birds Rio hasn't really innovated on the first game. Sure, there are new twists, such as collectible fruit and some new achievements, but the basic concept of launching birds at constructions is the same.

But if you enjoy the format of Angry Birds, you should definitely install Angry Birds Rio.

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Angry Birds Rio


Angry Birds Rio 1.6.1

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